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Got Mob: Episode 2

On the second episode of The Got Mob, Ray Garcia joins the show to discuss the current state of NFL broadcasters. Andrew and Ray discuss the best and worst broadcasters calling games today, and wonder why James Brown is always laughing right before commercial breaks.

Andrew discusses why the NCAA won’t push back the deadline to declare early for the draft with the pending labor lockout in the NFL.

Plus, Aaron Morse’s rant of the week regarding Northwestern head coach Bill Carmody…it’s all on the Got Mob!



Get ready for “The Got Mob”

You can be honest. You’ve missed me. And if you haven’t…you can lie. returns in 2011 in a big way with a new podcast called “The Got Mob.” Think Bill Simmons’ BS Report, but with less BS and more characters that you will grow to love.

We’ll have plenty of ranting, complaining and tons of sports banter with some of the most outrageous and witty people I know. It will be funny, it will be entertaining, it may make you dumber, but in the end, you will be happy you listened.

So enjoy your holidays and ring in the New Year with style, and then get ready for “The Got Mob,” hosted right here on It’s free, it’s fun and it will distract you from that Excel sheet you’ve been staring at for the last 5 hours.

Andrew Gothelf on the Big Ten Network!

I have been fortunate enough in recent weeks to make two separate appearances on the Big Ten Network, broadcasting women’s lacrosse games between Northwestern and UNC and then Northwestern and Virginia.

For the UNC game, I was an analyst while I served as the PxP broadcaster for the game vs. UVA. After both games, we recorded post-game recaps for the network’s website.

You can find the recaps below. Both show highlights and give me a little camera time. Enjoy:

UNC post-game recap (on-site stuff starts around the 2:00 mark)

Virginia post-game recap

Sorry For Partying

Been verrrrrrrryyyyy busy lately, hence the lack of updates. Expect the blog to be back in full force in the coming days!

Ground Rules

ground rules

Here is how I plan on breaking up my blog categories:

-Starting Lineups- A round-up of the news I think is important, complete with links.

-Let’s Play Pepper- More news, but with my back-and-forth to try to make sense of it all.

-And the band is on the field!- Some of my favorite sports calls/highlights at the time

-Long Relief- Any events into which I want to delve deeper. Full of opinion, insight and argument.

-Pat and Ron Time- For those posts that have nothing to do with sports

Foul Balls- For the stuff that’s weird, extreme, bizarre, or doesn’t fit into the other categories.

Together, we’ll see what works, tweak, and repeat.

Live from the Broadcast Booth

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the broadcast booth. My name is Andrew Gothelf,  here to bring you coverage of the world through the headset of a college sports broadcaster and aspiring journalist.

I hope to treat this blog like I would a radio-style baseball broadcast. Relaxed, easy to digest, full of conversation and with a couple of homerun calls and some bang-bang plays at the plate.

As we travel together, inning after inning, I hope to continue to give a running play-by-play of the world of sports. But, for anyone who has ever listened to a Chicago Cubs radio broadcast with Pat and Ron, the conversation can stray from the topic at hand quite a bit. I hope to include my thoughts on music and current events when I deem it appropriate. My hope is to strike a balance between being one-dimensional and scatterbrained.

So after the break, we’ll get you the starting lineups and first pitch. Almost ready to play ball!

(I promise the broadcasting metaphors will NOT be a running theme throughout the bl0g.)