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Wanna be an NFL QB? Think Really Big or Really Small

Drafting an NFL quarterback is an imperfect science, at best. Many NFL GM’s have lost their jobs because they picked the wrong guy, thus miring their team in years of mediocrity. I took a look at the colleges where NFL starting QB’s played, crunched some numbers and tried to determine whether there were trends to determine NFL success from a player’s college football program. Perhaps my findings could help GM’s the next time they need to draft a quarterback.

The result is my latest column for SportsFanLive.

You can read the post here.

The column is also now linked on Fanhouse, a very popular, widely read sports blog (look on the right hand side, middle of the page. Post starts with “Truth or Myth”).


Sports in a Social World

Today I bought a Blackberry. That got me thinking (and Fus as well) about the state of a sports fan in today’s media world. I posted a couple of thoughts on my latest SportsFanLive blog post. The link is below:

You can check the article out here.

Read and Respond: The Michael Vick Saga

Last week I solicited comments from you about the Michael Vick signing.

I picked out some of the best and responded to them on my latest SportsFanLive column.

You can read that here.

The Art (or Disaster) of Fight Songs…and SportsFanLive

Today’s post begins a partnership between Between the Headset and a startup sports website, SportsFanLive.

SportsFanLive has asked me to blog for them once or twice a week. Thus, some of my posts will not be hosted on, but instead on their site. Regardless, whenever I post on SportsFanLive, I will link to the post back on this site.

Today’s post is my list of the best and worst fight songs in college and the pros, complete with video evidence.

You can see the post here.