About Andrew Gothelf

me 3

Andrew Gothelf is a marketer for tech startups and large companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In a past life, Andrew has been live on broadcasts for Northwestern football, basketball, softball, baseball and lacrosse, and was also the voice of the Orleans Cardinals in the Cape Cod Baseball League for two summers.

Andrew grew up in Baltimore, where the Orioles taught him the words “cynicism” and “pessimism.” Those traits were enhanced when he spent his years at college with Mets and Jets fans, while also rooting for the Northwestern Wildcats.


9 responses to “About Andrew Gothelf

  1. You da man, gottie

  2. You just here our complaints, we actually have to follow these sad teams year after year. Remember our sorrow when you make it big.

  3. Can I get your number?

  4. Keep doin’ what your doin’, loving the blog content and analysis.

  5. Cameron Henderson

    Although I am ashamed to admit it I follow your blog everyday. Respect. You are ruining my NewsFeed on Facebook though.

  6. Great blog man. Never thought I’d find a sports blog more intelligent than my own. Ha.



    I’M STUPID. Look at me blogging! POO

  8. I never knew you had so many interesting thoughts!

    Cape Cod BLOWS.


  9. This is the best thing I’ve found in a really long time. How did you keep this from me?

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