Should NU Pres. Morty Schapiro be the Athletic Director instead?


Probably not, but that’s only because Jim Phillips is going to take NU athletics to new heights. Morty, however,  isn’t far off the pace in terms of sports enthusiasm and knowledge.

Read this Q&A conducted by Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune with NU’s top dog about his new love for Northwestern athletics.

There had been grumblings about Morty being a big sports fan. My boy EZ claimed that Morty was a diehard Mets fan, which can only mean that he is a glutton for punishment. But if he can stick with the Mets, he must be a sports nut.

Which it appears he is. The way he rattled off games, players and coaches was beyond impressive for a man who normally deals in the anti-sports world of academia.

I saw Morty on the sidelines after the game at Purdue. The fact that he rode the team bus to and from makes him that much cooler. And hearing that he was giving the refs a hard time about the spot of a punt is music to my ears. I hate refs, too.

But my favorite line is the last one in the interview. While talking about NU’s failure in reaching the NCAA tournament in basketball, Morty rattled off the 4 other teams joining Northwestern in that group. Teddy Greenstein, who wrote the article, asked Schapiro if he knew the list “in the vein of getting it down to four.”

Morty’s response:  “Exactly. And I’m not talking about St. Francis of Brooklyn.”



One response to “Should NU Pres. Morty Schapiro be the Athletic Director instead?

  1. So you accuse Obama of wasting the nation’s time by filling out NCAA brackets instead of doing his job, but you’re pumped that Schapiro spends his time arguing over four yards rather than recruiting that next 7-figure donor?

    Just kidding. Cool story, I liked Greenstein’s description of Schapiro’s hair. Oh, and it’s good Schapiro’s a met fan: It may be difficult to understand exactly what to do to run a successful athletics program, but he’ll certainly know what NOT to do.

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