Are the Mets like the Orioles of the late ’90s?

empty citi field

My buddy Whitehead pointed out a very interesting column written by Joel Sherman of the NY Post comparing the current state of the New York Mets to the collapse of the Orioles in the late ’90s.

You can read Sherman’s column here.

While I don’t think the situation of the two teams is completely analogous, there is probably more in common between the two than not. What should bother Met fans the most is the terrible shape of the farm system and the seemingly troubled financial state of ownership.

If the Mets can no longer buy themselves into contention, and don’t have the depth to bring prospects up that can fill holes, they have nowhere left to go but down. I spent the summer watching a lot of Mets baseball, so I can state firsthand that many of these prospects the Mets have brought up are more than a year away from being Major-League ready, or are complete junk.

I do feel for Met fans. I wouldn’t wish the Orioles’ last decade on any franchise (although if it happened to the Yankees or Red Sox, I wouldn’t be all that upset [would rather it happen to the Sox first, and then the Yankees]). Having an ownership group that gets way too involved in personnel moves is one of the most frustrating things with which a sports fan has to deal. Without any accountability, owners can freely run their organizations into the ground without repercussion.

Met fans should hope that Bud Selig gets involved, like Sherman mentions in his column. It doesn’t seem like the Wilpon family is going to make the changes on their own.

I don’t think Mets fans will wait a decade for the team to be competitive again. They might burn Citi Field to the ground long before then.

Additional Link of the Day: Joe Posnanski’s column on Northwestern grad and Kansas City Royal relief pitcher Chris “Disco” Hayes.


2 responses to “Are the Mets like the Orioles of the late ’90s?

  1. Though I’ve been known to say “any shot at the mets is one worth taking” I’m going to have to label Sherman’s column as an “overreaction”.

    The Mets future may look pretty bleak in this injury-riddled season, but Johan, K-Rod and Beltran all have several good years left and Reyes and Wright probably have their best years still to come.

    Yes, the farm system is weak. Granted, the Madoff scandal had the Mets under-investing in their farm system – but they still have a few commodities 2-3 years away.

    More immediately, the verdict isn’t out on Parnell, Niese and Pelfrey. If any one of those pan out and the Mets acquire a number two starter all will be right again in Queens.

    Or, as a FAN caller put it more succinctly, “If the Mets get healthy, and trade for Lackey and Bay in the offseason they may contend for the Wildcard next fall.”

    EZ (Baby) enough. No?

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