Things That Happen When Your Baseball Team is Bad, Part 2

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Reader Murray points us to another example of a team whose roster has been raided as a result of losing: the Cleveland Indians.

Here is their lineup in Game 1 of the 2007 ALCS vs. the Boston Red Sox

Here is their lineup last night vs. the L.A. Angels

Also consider the starting rotations for the Indians in ’07 and today, after the Indians traded away Cliff Lee:

2007- C.C. Sabathia, Fausto Carmona, Paul Byrd, Jeff Westbrook, Cliff Lee

2009:  Carl Pavano, David Huff, Fausto Carmona, Jeremy Sowers, Aaron Laffey

There is also still talk that Victor Martinez may be traded before tomorrow’s deadline. What is so shocking about the demise of the Indians, as opposed to that of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is that two years ago, the Indians looked like a team that could compete for the A.L. Pennant for the next 5-10 years. Now, they look like the Kansas City Royals.

It is pretty remarkable how quickly things changed, so much so that GM Mark Shapiro essentially decided to blow up the team and start over. This must be very disheartening for Cleveland fans, who have to root for the Browns and also watched the Cavs choke in this year’s playoffs.


2 responses to “Things That Happen When Your Baseball Team is Bad, Part 2

  1. I can’t say I sympathize with Cleveland too much. Most teams have high turnover rates over the course of two baseball seasons.

    Still, they have five of the same hitters in their lineup, an improvement in rightfield, and though Shoppach replaces Garko here, Shoppach was on the team in 2007 and Garko became expendable precisely because Shoppach played good enough defense to force Martinez’s bat to 1st base.

    Also, they weren’t going to have Sabathia regardless because of his impending free agency (not the first, or the last team to lose their ace to greener (as in money, get the pun?) pastures). And the guys they got for him, and Cliff Lee are good.

    Yes, the Indians are bad because Hafner and Carmona inexplicably regressed, and Sizemore can’t get his average above .250. But the Royals? Far from it. The Tribe were a legit contender just two years ago, and while their team might seem weak now, wait till some of their prospects make it to the majors. Maybe Shapiro did a bad job planning, because most of these prospects are a year away, and so he left the team in a bad spot for a season and a half. But a little patience may pay off.

    In the meantime, Clevelanders should hope Martinez is traded now. Get another arm and a middle infielder, and make room for the best hitting prospect in the minors – Matt LaPorta.

    Andrew, you should be familiar with that term because that label was carried by none other than Adam Jones two short years ago. Now he carries a different label; “all-star”.

  2. Did you see (that parentheses (within a parentheses) from fuss) above.

    Is that allowed Gothelf?

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