Things that Happen When Your Baseball Team is Bad

pirates bad

1. They trade away their best players

2. They get shut out in 10 innings after getting 7 scoreless from their starter

3. Fans lose hope…again

4. They trot out a lineup like this, after starting the season with a lineup like this.

(Hat tip to Frank Bauch for pointing this out)


3 responses to “Things that Happen When Your Baseball Team is Bad

  1. After the Tribe trades Vic, you could do the same before-and-after comparison with the 2007 Indians starting line up and the 2009 version (don’t forget the starting rotation differences… Fausto Carmona, Cliff Lee , C.C. Sabbathia).

    Thus… those are all valid points on your post.

  2. To be fair, Duke was solid last night, but Cain was fantastic. Just a tough draw for Duke.

    That aside, whoever is over there running the pirates needs to be forcibly disposed. They had a nice little team to start the season. They’ve got a great ballpark and great fans. Can’t understand why they won’t let em go for a year and see where it ends up.

    One can only use the “we’re rebuilding” tag for so long.

  3. Thanks for the hat-tip Andrew…
    Today, I’m happy to be an Oakland A’s fan. Why? Because I think we’ve made the right moves at this trading deadline.

    Granted, the A’s are not a good team this year, but they still trot out a lineup featuring the likes of Orlando Cabrera, Nomar Garciaparra, Mark Ellis, Kurt Suzuki etc. All are legitimate major league baseball players. The Matt Holliday trade was a deal they had to make, but it looks like they are keeping the rest of the core intact.

    The Pittsburgh Pirates, at this moment, have exactly the same record as the A’s, 43-58. I would imagine they have a similarly low payroll as well. And yet Pittsburgh has decided to completely abandon any semblance of fielding a team filled with major leaguers that their fans can get used to seeing.

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