Hasheem Thabeet doesn’t like Obese Flyers


Recent Memphis Grizzlies draft pick and former UConn superstar Hasheem Thabeet was on a flight tonight from Houston to Memphis. Thabeet, a very tall man, was sitting in the emergency exit row, presumably so he could have more leg room.

But that all changed when a man Hasheem described as a “big hommie” sat next to him. Thankfully, Thabeet had his phone to tweet us all about it before taking off. Here is what ensued:


Dude Took 2 seats!! Is this Legal?? Lmbo @mw1ll u gonna crack up if u see this flick!!

I feel bad!! But the guy was suppose to sit with me on the exit row seat since it’s all same seats, meaning no 1st class, smh at expressjet!

So I ended up gettin moved since the big guy took seat 12C and 12B I was suppose to be on B and now I don’t have exit row seat nomore!! FML

The dude didn’t even say thanks I let him sit on 2seats and one of them is mine!! Twittpic him? Lm(african)bo and he not even smillin! Pause

Hahahah he introduced himself to the other passengers!!! His name is Wayne!! Lmabo!

Oh and I didn’t know they have extenders for the seatbelt in the plane wat the hell?? Wat is this takin 2 seats?? Lmabo

Why extenders?? Why can’t he use the other belt?? Lol hillarious!!

@azamowaisi wat I was doin is talkin my life out, I’m 7″3 and they move me so somebody that 5″6 can sit on 12B and 12C, is that fair!? Smh

@Jrudner RT hey man. I’m the fan who flew with you. You’re right, that one guy was huge and a jerk. < to peepo thinkin I’m hatin!!

Well then. The next time you get into some sort of altercation with a person on a plane, train, in the grocery store or at work, you might want to check whether they just tweeted about you to the entire world. Especially if you’re overweight.

If I were Hasheem though, I would be careful about ripping into the overweight. The city where he is set to play, Memphis, was named America’s most obese city in 2007. Not a good way to make friends and fans.


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