Marbury Chats with the Ladies…and more from Twitterland


A couple of interesting things popping up from athletes on my Twitter feed today:

Stephon Marbury is quickly becoming one of my favorite athletes to follow on Twitter. He already is unintentionally hilarious as it is (see video below, when he is in rare form), but his use of online media has been splendid. Take a look at his latest:

@StarburyMarbury: im going to be holding a live chat session for all of the ladies. just the ladies to help me be a better man from your point of view.

If you don’t think I will be pretending to be a lady so that I can see what kinds of ridiculous things he has to say, you are sadly mistaken. Here is the video with NBC NY’s Bruce Beck:

Not surprisingly, Chad Johnson continues to tweet out bizarre things on a regular basis. Here was a tweet today in which he discussed Sex in the City:

@OGOchoCinco: How would a sex n the city movie be with 4 Sistas, who would be the four, I got two so far, Vivica Fox and Gabrielle Union

Having a better knowledge about womens high end shoes and purses a bad thing, I was naming everything in Sex n the City

Bengals fans should feel good knowing their wide receiver is mentally prepared for the start of the season.

Bill Simmons is one of the best sportswriters to follow on Twitter. He continuously brings great links, insight and humor to the table. Here are two tweets from this afternoon:

@SportsGuy33: Saturday Suck Update: I’d turn on Cards game to root against Lugo, but Fox is monopolizing my baseball day with a 9-2 Ana-Minn blowout.

Seriously, how hard is it to run a professional sports league? Isn’t rule No. 1, “Don’t totally antagonize your fan base?”

Have to agree with him. I’ve never understood Fox’s Saturday Baseball coverage plan. Can’t they do it like CBS does with the NCAA tournament, so if there’s a good game going on, you aren’t stuck watching a blowout?

Finally, we have this from Dwayne Wade:

@DWadeOfficial: This is for Lamar Odom…come back to where it started for the both of us..the franchise u help build back up wants u to End it all here

odom heat

Moving past the fact that Wade seems to be saying the Heat want Odom to “end it all” in Miami, Wade’s use of Twitter as a plea for a player to join his team is very interesting.

Clearly, the tweet was not really an attempt to get Lamar Odom to come play for Miami. Players can call each other and talk about that, and they have agents to help in that process as well. They don’t need to tweet each other. Plus, Odom isn’t even an avid tweeter. In my opinion, this was D-Wade’s attempt to build some buzz about the possibility of Odom coming back to the Heat at Wade’s behest.

Wade knows he has 50,000+ followers, many of whom will re-tweet his plea or who are in the media/blogosphere and will write about it (like I’m doing now). Since the media has moved into the business of tracking athletes’ tweets, this is a story that could potentially gain traction. Before you know it, Odom might be fielding questions from reporters about the possibility of signing with the Heat and about Wade’s public plea for him to return.

Whether or not this has any sort of effect on Odom’s decision making process, I don’t know. I’ve always wondered how much of an impact players have on their free agent friends in trying to persuade them to sign with them. But regardless, this is a new means by which athletes can create a buzz among fans and the media, especially during the offseason.

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