Between the Tweetset: 7/24/09


Like it or not, Twitter is a phenomenon that is changing the way people communicate and gather information. And while there are plenty of good tidbits that can be learned 140 characters at a time through Twitter, there is also plenty of garbage. Between the Tweetset will pick out the best and the worst from the world of Twitter, focusing primarily, though not exclusively, on Tweets from the sporting world.

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The Best:

Hoops coach Eric Musselman (@ericmusselman): Coach K: “I want to see who wants to play for their country. Let’s find out who’s got the intensity to represent their country.”

I grew up hating Coach K because of the Duke/Maryland hoops rivalry, and I still hate Duke, but the man is a great coach and did an outstanding job with the Olympic team. Glad he’s going to coach them again.

Shawne Merriman (@shawnemerriman): Another #confession im tired of espn and nfl network and anybody else putting me anywhere but # 1 on their list…there i said it.

Another #confession the first person i hit this season im going to rip their head off!!!

One of the cooler things about Twitter is that athletes are generally unafraid to speak their mind. Without the filter of sports information directors or agents, they say what they think. Merriman’s tweet isn’t too wild, but it’s refreshing to see him call out the networks when he disagrees with them, even if it seems sort of…well, arrogant.

As for the second tweet…that sounds like a threat.


Shaq: (@The_Real_Shaq): David beckham I kno u hear me, dnt be scared, dnt make me call u out, u will never score a goal on me

One of the more entertaining athletes on Twitter, Shaq decides to call out David Beckham, challening him in soccer? Interesting tactic. I assume this has something to do with Shaq’s forthcoming reality TV show.

Joe Maddon (@RaysJoeMaddon): Been on bad end of a nohitter v Twins. its only 1 loss but if memory served me we won the day fol no hitter v Twins We play daily Move on

It’s important following any loss to b the same guy who walks in2 the clubhouse the next day. R guys need to see consistent behavior from me

I think it’s pretty cool to read the mind of a baseball manager, and Joe had some pretty interesting comments after his Rays were on the wrong end of Mark Buerhle’s perfect game. He seems to think the Rays can move past the game, but I personally think it will have a lingering effect on the bats.

The Worst:

Fabian Washington (FABEWASH31): Gotta go get a haircut

When people say Twitter is pointless, it’s these kind of posts that they are referencing. I really don’t care that Fabian is cutting his hair. I want him to tell me things about Ravens training camp. I do appreciate this mention of my hometown, though:

Does anybody know what time the 5 guys in owings mills close?

Apparently his phone can tweet questions, but can’t make phone calls to find out the answer.

Blake Griffin (@blakegriffin): Don’t u hate when ur waitin for someone to pull out of a parking spot and someone else comes and takes it? That just happened to me!

Glad to hear people don’t just let Griffin take their parking spots because of his celebrity. Tough break.  I assume he had his own reserved spot at OU.

Les Miles (@LSUCoachMiles): Out with the family tonight. Eating at portobellos and then maybe a movie!

Maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond, I don’t know. I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.

frank old school

The Weird:

Chad OchoCinco (@OGOchoCinco): Word for the day: Twitter me baby, no more getting phone numbers dudes, she want to holla, tell her, Twitter me baby!

Women if the guys gets on your nerves, you don’t have to change your number, just block his ass!

Chad Johnson is the new pickup artist. I would love to have him giving me advice as I peruse NYC bars.

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2 responses to “Between the Tweetset: 7/24/09

  1. Disagree on Coach K. Great recruiter, good coach (not great). Has absolutely no bearing in crunch time and handles the clock/timeouts poorly.

    Dunno if it fits into your list, but Sports guy is great to follow @sportsguy33

    • andrewgothelf

      Already following The Sports Guy. I agree, he’s hilarious on Twitter.

      Not sure I agree with your first point. He may have lost a step as far as his coaching abilities, but I don’t see how you can point to all of the success he’s had and say he’s not a great coach. Good recruiting only takes you so far, but in the college game, you need to be able to do something with all that talent. He’s done something with it time and again.

      I think your Wake Forest bias is showing here.

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