Stadium Seating: Links and Video, 7/15/09


On a lazy Wednesday, here are some links and videos for your Internet pleasure:

1. I know this article says there are potential good causes to come out of this research, but it really actually just freaks me out.

2. One of my favorite videos of all-time. Sophomore year, I probably watched this video a couple hundred times. It has a little more meaning to me after interning at a local news station for 11 weeks:

3.Found this site via Freakonomics. Not sure how viable of a business plan it is, but in the cell phone age, I think we could all probably use it.

4. I recently have gotten into Radiohead after years of denying that I would like them. Stupid stubbornness. Here is an incredible version of the early favorite for best Radiohead song, in my opinion:

5. NBC’s new show The Wanted raises some ethical journalistic questions. They are discussed here. Personally, I am in the camp of thinking it’s cheap entertainment that diminishes the work of the troops fighting day in and day out. But I’ll make a more concrete judgment after I see the show.


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