Stadium Seating: Links and Video, 7/8/09

The day after the circus-like Michael Jackson memorial service, there won’t be any moonwalking in this post. Just links and videos for your viewing pleasure.


1. Maybe George Costanza was on to something. Apparently, being self-loathing can be a good thing.

2. Here’s a video I can’t get enough of, particularly because of my intense dislike for the work Jim Rome does. So it’s nice to see that at one point, an athlete stood up to him:

3. Dave Kaplan, the man when it comes to Chicago sports, proposes the following question to Cubs fans on his blog: Would you change the name of Wrigley if it meant a World Series for the Cubs?

4. There are many days that I wake up and say a quick “thank you” that I was born a male. As an aspiring journalist, here’s one of the reasons why.

5. From the land of crazy and over-the-top press conferences, here’s the Michigan women’s basketball head coach after a loss last year. I’ve seen this guy in action before. He’s definitely crazy.


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