Stadium Seating: Links and Video, 7/3/09

First, a happy birthday shout out to my man, Fus.

Now, on to the links and video:

1. If you’re a man in Peru, do you walk around perpetually ashamed? Or are you just happy that you won’t have to enact any sort of Title IX legislation anytime soon?

2. Maybe one day, this will be an exciting site to me. For now, there’s one video, and it features the Illinois football team. Actually, this is an Illinois football team that got pounded by Northwestern. Maybe I’ll just put that episode on repeat.

Or, we could all just watch this video again. Gave me goosebumps at the time, and then watching it again. The fact that it came against Illinois is icing on the cake:

3. Here’s one thing I won’t be doing when I get back to Chicago this fall. I’m uneasy just looking at the pictures.

4. This video of Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney has gotten a lot of attention lately. But I’m a bigger fan of this dynamic duo:

5. I’m willing to bet there are some people who would rather win this lottery than this one.


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