Stadium Seating: Links and Video, 7/1/09

Happy July, everyone. Here’s some links and videos worth checking out today:

1. Passed along to me by my boy Fus, the “Moneyball” movie project reminds me of an episode of Entourage. It’s a shame, too, because there could be an awesome movie that could come out of that.

2. Saw this site linked on the Freakonomics blog, and thought it was incredible. Sometimes, words just don’t do a good statistic justice. Really like the map outlining all of the flying a major league team does.

3. This isn’t a new video, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. And in light of me spending the summer in NY, listening to NY sports talk radio, I must pass this along to those who have not seen it:

4. Another link passed along yesterday by Gundo. Can TMZ find a way to record more of these conversations to be published?

5. Taking painkillers is a normal part of many people’s lives. Headaches, toothaches, body aches, hangovers, etc. are all remedied by Tylenol or some other drug, normally containing acetaminophen. Apparently, though, that stuff isn’t very good for you, and if you take the recommended maximum dosage you are apparently risking your life. So the FDA is stepping in to try to limit the dosage. Good move or is the government overstepping its bounds? I tend to think it makes sense, because people will believe anything on the bottle, even if it leads them to their death.


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