Sometimes, being a reporter looks like so much fun

One thing I don’t like about reporters doing live shots is that they are too stuck up, particularly when they are doing soft/featury type reporting. That isn’t necessarily the case in this video, which was shown on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Still, the way the reporter acts…well, take a look for yourself. The live shot starts at the :32 mark:

First off, the look on the anchors’ faces when the camera cuts back to them is priceless. “Apparently, an unruly fan out there.” You think? Lighten up, ladies!

Steve Ryan definitely handled this the right way. Start shoving and throwing punches. If this idiot wants to try to mess with your job, you should mess with his mug. I would’ve liked to have seen Steve give that guy an uppercut that knocked him cold.

I also liked the line, “Yeah I bet you do like Michael Jackson.” Take that how you will, but I’ll give Steve the benefit of the doubt with a witty zinger on live TV.


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