A Man of the People?


Just saw this tweeted out by sports super agent, Drew Rosenhaus:

“I have been hired by the fans of the NHL’s Florida Panthers to negotiate lower season ticket prices. I will keep you posted on the outcome.”

If true, this is verrrrrry interesting, and could signal a new era in the way fans interact with sports franchises. There have been instances of litigation in the past where fans try to extract compenstation or better treatment from their sports franchises, but I doubt they have ever hired a sports agent to work on their behalf.

I’m sure more details will emerge, but until they do, I have some questions:

-Who is paying Rosenhaus to work for the fans of the Panthers? Is it the official fan club? Some wealthy fan or investor? I’m sure he’s not working for free.

-What’s the bargaining chip that Rosenhaus has to use in negotiations with team ownership? It’s one thing for Rosenhaus to enter negotiations with, say, the Bengals, trying to get Chad Johnson a new contract. There’s the possibility of holding out or leaving for another team. Rosenhaus also has statistics to guide negotiations. I guess fans could hold out as well, but how will this be organized? Is the entire Florida Panthers fan base going to work together on this? Will they actually all hold out and boycott(doubtful)?

My guess is the Panthers’ organization laughs at Rosenhaus. Fans will still come to the games if they were going to already. But if Rosenhaus can somehow organize the entire fan base to threaten boycotts unless ticket prices are lowered, look out.Then the Panthers are suddenly in a tough situation, staring across the table at a man known for sticking to his guns and representing his clients well.

This could get interesting, and might be a pivotal turning point in the way fans are treated by sports franchises.

Or it could all be a joke. Stay tuned.


4 responses to “A Man of the People?


  2. Yeah, this is pretty bogus. As you say, it’s easy to say the fans have the leverage of boycotting games, but getting everybody to do so is a different story.

    Although, I wouldn’t underestimate Rosenhaus’ ability to toy with the media in this. If he can get enough attention on the issue, the team might be forced to lower the prices a bit to get him off their back and avoid any more bad P.R.

  3. 28, you dont even know gothelf. I totally know him, and he RULEZ HARDCORE, stop pretending

  4. As the only Panthers fan to ever visit your blog, it came out later that he’s really been hired by the Panthers as part of a promotional ploy to advertise their reduced ticket prices to fans… leave it to the Panthers to do something like this! People still won’t go unless they decide to make the playoffs once every 10 years in a sport where more than half the teams make the playoffs each year.

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