Live from the Broadcast Booth

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the broadcast booth. My name is Andrew Gothelf,  here to bring you coverage of the world through the headset of a college sports broadcaster and aspiring journalist.

I hope to treat this blog like I would a radio-style baseball broadcast. Relaxed, easy to digest, full of conversation and with a couple of homerun calls and some bang-bang plays at the plate.

As we travel together, inning after inning, I hope to continue to give a running play-by-play of the world of sports. But, for anyone who has ever listened to a Chicago Cubs radio broadcast with Pat and Ron, the conversation can stray from the topic at hand quite a bit. I hope to include my thoughts on music and current events when I deem it appropriate. My hope is to strike a balance between being one-dimensional and scatterbrained.

So after the break, we’ll get you the starting lineups and first pitch. Almost ready to play ball!

(I promise the broadcasting metaphors will NOT be a running theme throughout the bl0g.)


2 responses to “Live from the Broadcast Booth


    The only thing better than this website is a podcast of king gothelf’s silky smooth announcer voice! bring the people what they want!

  2. Hey Andrew! Great Blog! Lets get this party Started!!

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