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Sometimes, being a reporter looks like so much fun

One thing I don’t like about reporters doing live shots is that they are too stuck up, particularly when they are doing soft/featury type reporting. That isn’t necessarily the case in this video, which was shown on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Still, the way the reporter acts…well, take a look for yourself. The live shot starts at the :32 mark:

First off, the look on the anchors’ faces when the camera cuts back to them is priceless. “Apparently, an unruly fan out there.” You think? Lighten up, ladies!

Steve Ryan definitely handled this the right way. Start shoving and throwing punches. If this idiot wants to try to mess with your job, you should mess with his mug. I would’ve liked to have seen Steve give that guy an uppercut that knocked him cold.

I also liked the line, “Yeah I bet you do like Michael Jackson.” Take that how you will, but I’ll give Steve the benefit of the doubt with a witty zinger on live TV.


Stadium Seating- Links and Video, 6/30/09

Here are the links and videos I think are worth checking out today:

1. Saw this video on Awful Announcing. Anything with Erin Andrew pique’s my attention, but Erin Andrews in a video game is a must see:

2.I plan on graduating from The Medill School of Journalism next year. Here’s what I have to look forward to.

3. Remember that election back in November? Well, Minnesota may FINALLY have chosen a Senator.

4. From the land of stupid human tricks comes this:

5. Just one more example of the nice guy finishing last, while the arrogant mean guys makes all the money. Now you see why the world’s priorities are all backwards.

2009: The year people got spooked about flying?

us air

It’s been a rough first half of the year for the aviation industry.

And the hits keep coming, too.

Today, we learned of two more incidents. A Yemenia Airlines flight trying to land on the island nation of Comoros went down in the Indian Ocean during rough weather. It is believed that all of the passengers were killed, except for a 5-year-old boy who appears to have been miraculously rescued. The incident is somewhat reminiscent of the Air France flight that went down in bad weather over the Atlantic, killing all of the passengers aboard the plane.

The Yemenia Airlines flight probably won’t get as much press as the Air France flight because of the location of the plane, and the fact that there weren’t any American or British nationals aboard. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t an important news item to look at in the larger context of aviation safety. Not to mention, it was another AIRBUS plane that went down in water, the same company who built the Air France plane.

Then, news broke of a plane bound for New York’s  LaGuardia Airport from Miami, that, while landing, suffered a bird strike on the plane’s landing gear. Fortunately, the plane landed without incident. Of course, this immediately brings to mind the U.S. Air flight that landed safely in the Hudson River after suffering bird strikes to both engines. New York City has attempted to round up geese in the area and gas them in an attempt to control the population and prevent these strikes from occurring.

Animal lovers, everywhere, altogether now: cringe.

While there have been a number of plane crashes around the world this year, aviation experts say flying is as safe as it has ever been. Statistically, the chances of being in a plane crash are miniscule, and we all know that driving a car is much more dangerous (after totaling my car a month ago, I can attest to this).

But, aside from the bird strike incidents in which nobody was hurt, the only deadly crash in the U.S. was the Colgan Air flight that crashed near Buffalo. This set off a storm of Congressional hearings and questions about the safety of regional airlines, but nothing has come from it yet. Most likely, ths will remain the case until a major domestic carrier has a catostrophic accident. It took 9/11 for airport security to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Will it take something similar for pilots to be compensated fairly and given the benefits they deserve for such a stressful job?

Most likely, the recent string of crashes won’t prevent Americans from getting on planes. But what would it take for you to stop flying? Leave your answers in the comments section. If they are any good, I’ll post and respond to them.

A Man of the People?


Just saw this tweeted out by sports super agent, Drew Rosenhaus:

“I have been hired by the fans of the NHL’s Florida Panthers to negotiate lower season ticket prices. I will keep you posted on the outcome.”

If true, this is verrrrrry interesting, and could signal a new era in the way fans interact with sports franchises. There have been instances of litigation in the past where fans try to extract compenstation or better treatment from their sports franchises, but I doubt they have ever hired a sports agent to work on their behalf.

I’m sure more details will emerge, but until they do, I have some questions:

-Who is paying Rosenhaus to work for the fans of the Panthers? Is it the official fan club? Some wealthy fan or investor? I’m sure he’s not working for free.

-What’s the bargaining chip that Rosenhaus has to use in negotiations with team ownership? It’s one thing for Rosenhaus to enter negotiations with, say, the Bengals, trying to get Chad Johnson a new contract. There’s the possibility of holding out or leaving for another team. Rosenhaus also has statistics to guide negotiations. I guess fans could hold out as well, but how will this be organized? Is the entire Florida Panthers fan base going to work together on this? Will they actually all hold out and boycott(doubtful)?

My guess is the Panthers’ organization laughs at Rosenhaus. Fans will still come to the games if they were going to already. But if Rosenhaus can somehow organize the entire fan base to threaten boycotts unless ticket prices are lowered, look out.Then the Panthers are suddenly in a tough situation, staring across the table at a man known for sticking to his guns and representing his clients well.

This could get interesting, and might be a pivotal turning point in the way fans are treated by sports franchises.

Or it could all be a joke. Stay tuned.

Tricycling in an airport near you

Saw this while watching “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” tonight (whether you agree or not with his politics, some of the stuff on his show is hilarious).

One of the stories during his Oddball segment looked awesome. Take a look for yourself:


The tricycles do look pretty sweet, and they come equipped with computers so that passengers can check with the drivers on their flight status. Or, they could just walk up to one of the dozens of monitors scattered across all airports. But that wouldn’t be much fun now, would it?

Olbermann joked that airport workers now have an easier a getaway vehicle to avoid helping passengers. Touche, Keith.

Time left before Halloween to find a cupcake costume: 4 months.

And he…drops the ball!

This is a bit dated, but still worth passing along, especially since I spent the past weekend at Citi Field watching the second installment of the 2009 Subway Series.

The video’s quality isn’t great, as the original video was taken down by MLB. Basically, it shows the play in which Luis Castillo drops the A-Rod popup to lose the game for the Mets. There are four different replays, and each time the audio comes from a different broadcast crew (Yankees TV and radio, Mets TV and radio). The music behind the calls is a little loud, but you’ll get the idea:

I thought all of the calls were great, but the despair that comes from the Mets’ broadcasts, particular the radio call (per WFAN) is hard to beat. Almost makes you feel sorry for the Mets.

Ground Rules

ground rules

Here is how I plan on breaking up my blog categories:

-Starting Lineups- A round-up of the news I think is important, complete with links.

-Let’s Play Pepper- More news, but with my back-and-forth to try to make sense of it all.

-And the band is on the field!- Some of my favorite sports calls/highlights at the time

-Long Relief- Any events into which I want to delve deeper. Full of opinion, insight and argument.

-Pat and Ron Time- For those posts that have nothing to do with sports

Foul Balls- For the stuff that’s weird, extreme, bizarre, or doesn’t fit into the other categories.

Together, we’ll see what works, tweak, and repeat.